Holarctic Birds of Prey

The World Working Group on Birds of Prey and Owls



 REPRINT 2002 

Chancellor, R. D., B.-U. Meyburg & J.J. Ferrero (eds.)  1998

Holarctic Birds of Prey

Proceedings of an International Conference

ADENEX & WWGBP: Mérida & Berlin

ISBN 84-605-7398-2,  680 pp,  many diagrams, maps line drawings and photographs


This volume comprises the proceedings of the International Conference on Holarctic Birds of Prey and Owls held by WWGBP in conjunction with the Spanish nature conservation organisation ADENEX in April 1995 at Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain and attended by over 400 ornithologists. The volume contains  680 pages, with 59 original papers.


Titles include  Migration Patterns in West Palaearctic Raptors, Utility Structures as Mortality Factor for raptors and owls, Census Techniques for Birds of Prey in Large Areas,  Electrical Transmission Pylons as Nesting Sites used by Kestrels,  Organochlorine Pesticides, PCBs & Mercury in Osprey eggs,  Morphometric Features characterising Flight Properties of Palaearctic Eagles, Molecular Systematics of Holarctic Raptors,  Dependence and Emancipation in Juvenile Marsh Harriers,  Captive Breeding and Releases of Peregrines in North America,  Phylogenetic Relationships in Holarctic Owls,  Use of Logistic Regression Models to Predict Consumption of carcasses by Griffon Vultures,  Toxic Chemicals and Birds of Prey in the mid-1990s,  Effects of the Feeding  Station Establishment on the Egyptian Vulture in NE Greece,  Analysis of the Relation between Land Cover and Golden Eagle Ranging Behaviour,  Anti-Poaching at the Straits of Messina,  Modelling Establishment of a Reintroduced Population of Griffon Vultures,  The Role of the Individual Bird and the Individual Territory in the Population Biology of Sparrowhawks, etc.


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