The World Working Group on Birds of Prey and Owls



    R. D. Chancellor & B.-U. Meyburg

    Part 1

    Current Studies of African Raptors

  • Stability and Long-term changes in a West African raptor community - Jean-Marc Thiollay 
  • Raptor Studies in Kenya: Past, Present and Future -  Munir Virani
  • Status and conservation of raptors  on the Masoala Peninsula, Madagascar  -  Russell Thorstrom & Lily-Arison Rene de Roland 
  • A new Subspecies of the Booted Eagle from Southern Africa, inferred from biometrics and mitochondrial DNA  - Reuven Yosef, Gerhard Verdoorn, Andreas Helbig & Ingrid Seibold 
  • Nesting behaviour of a pair of Bat Hawks Macheiramphus alcinus in South Africa, recorded by time-lapse video images  - T  Harns, A. Kemp & J. Dunning 
  • Flight, foraging and food of the Bateleur Terathopius ecaudatus: an aerodynamically specialized, opportunistic forager -  R. T Watson 
  • Causes of Cape Vulture Gyps coprotheres mortality at the Kransberg colony: a 17 year update -  P. C. Benson 
  • Ecology of Taita Falco fasciinucha, Peregrine F. peregninus minor and Lanner F. biarmicus Falcons in Zimbabwe -  R.R. Hartley  
  • Breeding biology of Henst‘s Goshawk  Accipiter henstii on the Masoala Peninsula, northeastern Madagascar -   Lily-Anison Rene de Roland 
  • Behaviour and Range Movements during the post-fledging dependence period of the Madagascar Fish-eagle Haliaeetus vociferoides  - Simon A. Rafanomezantsoa 
  • Taxonomic problems in African diurnal raptors -  William S. Clark & R.A.G. Davies 
  • Advances in the molecular systematics of African raptors  - Michael Wink & Hedi Sauer-Gürth
  • Part 2

    Biology & Conservation of  the Vultures of  the World

  • The Status of Vultures in Africa during the 1990s -  P.J. Mundy 
  • Vultures in Asia -  S.M. Satheesan 
  • The Current Status of  North American Vultures -  Lloyd F Kiff 
  • The Status of Vultures in Latin America  - Marsha A. Schlee 
  • Habitat Loss and Vultures: a Case Study from Israel -  Reuven Yosef & Ofer Bahat
  • The role of avian scavengers in locating and exploiting carcasses in central Saudi Arabia - Mohammed Shobrak
  • Regular Long-distance migration of Eurasian Griffon Gyps fulvus  - Goran Susic
  • The Farming Community and the Conservation of the Cape Griffon Vulture Gyps coprotheres in the Western Cape, South Africa -  H.A. Scott, R.M. Scott & A.E Boshoff 
  • The Ecofunctional positions of Palaearctic Vultures  - W Baumgart
  • Part 3

    Falcons in Asia and the Middle East

  • Saker Falco cherrug and Peregrine Falco peregrinus Falcons in Asia: Determining migration routes and trapping pressure -  C.P. Eastham, J.L Quinn & N.C. Fox
  • The Saker Falcon Falco cherrug in Kazakstan -  Anatoliy Levin, Mark Watson, Helen Macdonald & Nicholas C. Fox
  • The Saker Falcon  Falco cherrug in Mongolia -  Damdinsuren Shijirmaa, Eugene Potapov, Samdangiin Banzragch & N. C. Fox
  • The Saker Falcon Falco cherrug in the Kyrgyz Republic -  Erin J. Gott, Helen J. Macdonald & N. C. Fox
  • The Saker Falcon in European Russia  - Vladimir Galushin & Valery Moseikin
  • Are Peregrine Falcons in Northern Siberia still affected by organochlorines? -  J.L. Quinn, Y Kokarev, J. Prop, N. Fox & J.M. Black
  • New Developments on the Western Border of the Saker Falcon Falco cherrug range in Middle Europe -  W. Baumgart
  • The Status of the Lugger Falcon Falco jugger in Pakistan  - M. Ahmed, N.C. Fox & C.P. Eastham 
  • Part 4

    Conservation Models for Raptors of the World

  • The California Condor Recovery Programme -  Lloyd F. Kiff 
  • Appearances vs Performance; managing endangered Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagles in forestry operations -  Nick J. Mooney
  • Madagascar Fish-Eagle and Community-based Wetland Conservation   - R. T Watson, A. Andrianarimisa, D. Razandrizanakanirina & L. Kalavaha 
  • Progress in Translocation of Diurnal Raptors -  Tom J. Cade 
  • Falconry as a Conservation Tool in Africa -  R.R. Hartley 
  • Black Sparrowhawks in the Southwestern Cape: Benefits of cooperative conservation  - E. E. Oettle, M. Walters & D. Pepler 
  • People and Hyrax in the Conservation of Black Eagles in the Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe -  N. Chiweshe 
  • The Black Eagle Radio Telemetry Project in the Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe -  W J. Goodwin 
  • Evaluating the long-term effectiveness of conservation practices in Montagu‘s Harrier Circus pygargus  - Beatriz Arroyo & Vincent Bretagnolle 
  • On the Demography of the Imperial Eagle Aquila heliaca in Kazakhstan  -  Evgeny A. Bragin 
  • Ecological Research and its relationship to the Conservation Programme of the Golden Eagle and the Japanese Mountain Hawk-Eagle -   T.  Yamazaki
  • Part 5

    Raptors in Urban Environments

  • Raptors in Urban Landscapes: A Review and Future Concerns  - Oliver P. Love & David M. Bird 
  • Urban Landscapes and Raptors: a review of factors affecting Population Ecology -  David E. Andersen & David L. Plumpton 
  • Nest Sites of Five Raptor Species along an Urban  -  R. W. Mannan, C. W Baal, W. J. Burroughs, J. W. Dawson, T. S. Estabrook & W. S. Richardson 
  • Overwintering by Urban-nesting Peregrine Falcons Falco peregrinus in Midwestern North America  - Greg Septon 
  • Adaptation of two Falcon species Falco femoralis & F. subbuteo to an urban environment  - Klaus Dietrich Fiuczynski & Paul Soemmer 
  • Red-Shouldered Hawks Buteo lineatus nesting on human-made structures in Southwest Ohio -  Jeffrey  L. Hays 
  • Part 6

    Understanding Distribution - the Whys and Wherefores of Geographical Ranges of Raptors

  • Understanding the Distribution ofAustralia‘s Diurnal Raptors  - William K Steele & David J. Baker-Gabb 
  • Radio Telemetry studies of dispersal and survival in juvenile White-tailed Sea Eagles Haliaeetus albicilla in Norway  - Torgeir Nygard,  Robert E. Kenward & Kjell Einvik 
  • The ups and downs of a Northern Goshawk Accipiter gentilis population over a 30 year period - Natural dynamics or an artefact? -  Volkher Looft
  • Part 7

    Predation and Feeding Ecology

  • Effects of Predators on their Prey: some generalisations -  I. Newton
  • The Influence of Predation by Black Eagles Aquila verreauxii on Rock Hyrax numbers in the Arid Karoo -  R. A. G. Davies & J. W H. Ferguson 
  • Can Raptor predation limit Red Grouse populations? -  S.J. Thirgood & S.M. Redpath 
  • The Impact of Rabbit Calicivirus Disease on Raptor reproductive success in the Stnelecki Desert, South Australia: A preliminary analysis. -  ID. Falkenberg, V G. Hurley & E. Stevenson 
  • Can the Common Kestrel Falco tinnunculus provision increased broods in a mid-latitude environment? -  Anthony J. van Zyl 
  • Feeding ecology of the Javan Hawk-eagle Spizaetus bartelsi during the nestling period  - Dewi M. Prawiradilaga, Nils Rov, Jan Ove Gjershaug, Hapsoro & Adam Supriatna 
  • Socio-Economic Problems and Solutions in Raptor Predation -  R.E. Kenward 
  • Part 8

    Conservation Biology of the World‘s Migratory Raptors

  • Conservation Biology of the World‘s Migratory Raptors: status and strategies -  Keith L. Bildstein, Jorje ZaIles, Jennifer Ottinger & Kyle McCarty 
  • Conservation Strategies for the world‘s largest known Raptor Migration Flyway: Veracruz, the River of Raptors -  Ernesto Ruelas Inzunza, StephenW Hoffman, Laune J. Goodrich, & Ruth Tingay 
  • The Value of extensive Raptor Migration Monitoring in Western North America - . Jeff  P. Smith & Stephen W Hoffman 
  • Conservation of migrating raptors through banding; results of over 30 years of the Cape May Raptor Banding Project  - William S. Clark, Christopher Schultz, & Olin Allen 
  • Where have 30,000 Lesser Spotted Eagles Aquila pomarina gone? -  Dan Alon
  • Part 9

    Islands and Raptors

  • Biodiversity, Island Raptors and Species Concepts -  Clayton M. White & Lloyd F. Kiff 
  • Biology and molecular genetics of Eleonora‘s Falcon Falco eleonorae, a colonial raptor of Mediterranean islands  -  Michael Wink & Dietrich Ristow 
  • Status of Reunion Marsh Harrier Circus maillardi on Reunion Island  - V. Bretagnolle, J.M. Thiollay & C. Attie
  • Population density, territory size and habitat use of Gurney‘s Eagle Aquila gurneyi in the North Moluccas, Indonesia  -  Nils Rov & Jan Ove Gjershaug 
  • Recent Observations on Peregrine Falcons Falco peregrinus of the Cape Verde Islands, Atlantic Ocean  - Clifford M. Anderson & Clayton M. White 
  • The Status of the Christmas Island Hawk-Owl Ninox natalis  - F A. Richard Hill 
  • Dispersion in the Seychelles Kestrel Falco araea  - Jeff Watson 
  • The Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus in Fiji and Vanuatu  -  Clayton M. White, Daniel J. Brimm & Jon H. Wetton
  • The Osprey Pandion haliaetus in the Cape Verde Islands: distribution, population trends and conservation problems  - Joäo Ferreira & Luis Palma 
  • Ecomorphology of island populations of the Kestrel Falco tinnunculus on Cape Verde  -  S. Hille & H. Winkler
  • Part 10

    Impact of Electricity Utility Structures on Raptors

  • Raptor Mortality on Powerlines in South Africa  -  Chris S. van Rooyen 
  • Steel Distribution Poles — Environmental Implications  -  Richard E. Harness 
  • Evaluating the Risk existing Powerlines pose to large Raptors by utilising Risk Assessment Methodology: the Molopo Case Study  -  Rudi Kruger & Chris. S. van Rooyen 
  • Raptor Electrocutions and Outages—A Review of Rural Utility Records spanning 1986-1996 -Richard E. Harness & Kenneth R. Wilson 
  • Powerlines and Raptors, using Regulatory Influence to prevent Electrocutions  -  Leo R. Suazo II 
  • Part 11

    Biology of Owls with Emphasis on Vocalisations

  • Owl Vocalizations as Interspecific Differentiation-Patterns and their taxonomical value as Ethological Isolating Mechanisms between various Taxa  -  Claus König 
  • Distribution and population size of the Sokoke Scops Owl Otus ireneae in the Arabuko-Sokoke forest, Kenya -  Munir Virani 
  • Relationships between Foraging Range, Prey Density and Habitat Structure in theTawny Owl Strix aluco - C.F. Coles, S.J. Petty & C.J. Thomas 
  • How Many Seychelles Scops Owls Otus insularis are there? -  JeffWatson 
  • Molecular Systematics of Owls (Strigiformes) based on DNA-sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene -  Michael Wink & Petra Heidrich 
  • Part 12

    Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Developments in Raptor DNA Studies and other Theoretical Aspects

  • Advances in DNA studies of diurnal and nocturnal raptors -  Michael Wink 
  • Preliminary Genetic Analysis of some Western Palaearctic populations of Bonelli‘s Eagle, Hieraaetus fasciatus. -  Pedro Cardia, Bdrbara Frdguas, Miguel Pais, Thomas Guillemaud, Luis Palma, M. Leonor Cancela, Nuno Ferrand & Michael Wink 
  • Phylogenetic relationships between Black Shaheen Falco peregrinus peregrinator, Rednaped Shaheen F. pelegrinoides babylonicus and Peregrines F. peregrinus  - M. Wink, H. Döttlinger, M.K. Nicholls, & H. Sauer-Gürth 
  • The application of DNA technology to enforce Raptor Conservation Legislation within Great Britain - Nick P. Williams & Justin A. Evans
  • Part 13

    General Studies

  • Contaminants and Wintering Areas of Peregrine Falcons, Falco peregrinus, from the Kola Peninsula, Russia  -   Charles J. Henny, William S. Seegar,  Michael A. Yates, Thomas L Maechtle, Sergei A.Ganusevich & Mark R. FuIler 
  • A Multisensor Telemetry System for studying Flight Biology and Energetics of free~ flying Griffon Vultures Gyps fulvus. A Case Study  -  R. Bögel‘ R. Prinzinger,  E. Karl & C. Walzer 
  • Footedness Bias in hunting Birds of Prey  -  Davide Csermely




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